Week 4: Thrive OCourse with Arianna Huffington

I just completed the fourth week of Arianna Huffington’s 6-week Thrive OCourse, an online course based on her book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder. I feel so grateful that Arianna is offering this extended class and that I signed up for it! It’s loaded with so much wisdom.

Lesson’s intention: This week’s first intention is to forgive myself for any judgments I’m holding against myself. Then forgive my judgment of others. The second intention is to start a gratitude list.

Reading assignments: primary reading: pages 116-130; supplemental reading: pages 155-157

Life audit: Think about the biggest fears holding me back. They could be fears about my health, family, work, money, or possessions. Use methods I’ve used in the past to overcome fears and apply them to current fears.

Keystone habits: Two new habits that we’re encouraged to start practicing.

Self forgiveness: Forgive myself of judgments and then forgive others. Arianna calls our negative self talk the “obnoxious roommate”. One exercise she recommends for evicting the roommate and silencing the voice is to write him/her a letter and then burn it.

Gratitude: Start a daily gratitude list and share it with others. A 10-finger diagram is provided where on each finger we write something we’re grateful for that day. Arianna suggests sharing this list with others and having them share their list with you. She also asks us to expand on the gratitude exercise by including things that didn’t happen that we’re grateful for, and bad things that happened that we learned from.

Trackers: These are the tools that help us track our progress and stay on course.

Guest teacher: Arianna’s daughter, Christina joins her and they go through all the exercises together. Arianna is candid about her daughter’s former drug addiction and how the tools in Thrive have helped her recover and stay sober.

Community board: A place to communicate with our thrive tribe, or community of supporters.

Live “office hours”: I’ve really enjoyed the office hours where Arianna is available to answer our questions.

This week’s key points: Silencing our negative self talk and practicing forgiveness are essential to thriving. Expressing gratitude on a regular basis reminds us of the abundance that is all around us. Arianna suggests identifying joy triggers that can be either images and/or quotes. One of my favorite quotes is: “The universe is for me and I expect miracles.” The three things I’m grateful for today are:

  1. Enjoying a delicious cup of Nespresso coffee this morning
  2. A compliment from a customer at work
  3. The fact that there were no fatalities or serious injuries when a heavy object being lifted into a building fell onto the street below it in New York City

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