Week 1: Thrive OCourse with Arianna Huffington

After the paperback edition of Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating A Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder came out, I saw the author being interviewed on OWN, public television and in person at a book signing at Barnes and Noble.

Arianna Huffington is the President and Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post. As a successful businesswoman, who experienced a wake-up call several years ago, she explained that she now believes the traditional metrics of success – money and power – no longer serve us. Stress, exhaustion and burnout should no longer be the price we have to pay to be successful. She asserts that we need to redefine success and add a third metric that includes: health, meaning, purpose, mindfulness and meditation, optimum sleep and rest, joy, and giving.

She invited us to enroll in her 6-week Thrive OCourse (in collaboration with Oprah Winfrey) that started on May 3rd. Her talk was intriguing and I wanted to learn more, so I signed up for the class. I received a copy of the book as part of the registration and finished it just before the first week’s lesson ended. The book is loaded with nuggets of wisdom, backed by lots of scientific research.

Week one just ended, and there was much to do. The class is organized into the following sections:

Lesson’s intention: The focus and goals of the week are outlined.

Reading assignments: Selections from the book relevant to the topics covered.

Life audit: Exercises to help us reflect on our lives.

Keystone habits: Two new habits that we’re encouraged to start practicing.

Sleep: add 30 additional minutes of sleep every night

Meditation: meditate for 5 minutes daily

Trackers: Tools to help us implement new habits and track our progress

Guest teachers: NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant shared how meditation and sleep have improved his life. He says that “Sleep is the best performance enhancer there is.”

Community board: A place to communicate with our thrive tribe, or community of supporters

Live “office hours”: Arianna is available to answer any questions we may have.

The key points for me this week were that we don’t have to wait until we have a “wake-up call” to start implementing the habits and behaviors that are going to add value, meaning and purpose to our lives. There is no trade off for being successful and taking care of ourselves. The two keystone habits were, fortunately, not too difficult for me. I regularly get 7-8 hours of sleep, and I really feel the difference when I don’t. Meditating for 5 minutes is doable, but not always easy. My mind would wander to the hundred things on my to-do list and other things going on in my life. The life audit exercise was especially helpful at this time. After my mother’s recent passing, it seemed like a good time to re-examine my life and ask myself “What’s really important to me now?”

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