Lite Review: Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet by Marc Ostrofsky

If you’ve been wondering how to profit from the Internet, this book is for you. New York Times bestselling author and serial entrepreneur, Marc Ostrofsky, shows you how he and others are making money online, and how you can too. From affiliate marketing to social networks to reverse e-commerce to pay-per-action, this book has it covered, and much more.

The author’s premise is that “If you can click a mouse, you can make money on the Internet.” Advanced technical skills are not required. Nor is a lot of money. Ostrofsky asserts that “Continuous learning is the central key to success!” And I assure you, you will learn a lot.

What makes the author an authority on all things digital? His multiple online businesses, including and, are very successful. In 1995 the author bought the domain name for $150,000. Four years later, he sold it for $7.5 million, the most expensive domain name ever sold to date. That sale put him in The Guinness Book of World Records.

There is a massive amount of material presented in this well-laid out book, and I had many “I didn’t know that could be done!” moments. My guess is that you will too. This book introduced me to the concept of affiliate marketing and inspired me to create this blog. Keep a highlighter and sticky notes handy. You’ll need them to keep track of websites you’ll want to visit and information you’ll want to refer back to.

Each chapter includes sections such as: Putting Your Ideas into Action, Click Tips, Success Stories, Case Studies, Money Making Ideas and cartoons which provide additional insight and inspiration. Quick Response Codes (QR) scattered throughout the book take you instantly to the subject web page when scanned with an app on a smartphone. There’s an amazing Resource and Suppliers Guide at the end of the book with all kinds of great information.

Here are a few of my favorite words of wisdom from the author:

“Making money is exactly like war.”
“Hire your weakness.”
“Think of traditional business models in nontraditional ways.”
“Knowledge is the currency of the information age.”
“Do what you do best. Outsource the rest.”

The opportunities to make money on the Web are virtually unlimited and there is sure to be an idea, tip, tool, technique, strategy or model in this book that you can use or adapt to fit your particular situation.

This is not the type of book you read once and put away. Because of the large amount of information, I have returned to it often to review stuff and get new ideas. I keep in mind that what may not have been relevant or of interest to me the last time I read the book, may now be of great interest because of different circumstances in my life. Keep this book handy because it’s guaranteed that you too will want to refer to it again and again.

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