Lite News: The Transformative Power of Books

I really enjoyed reading this articlesamp773dbe03f7b07423 from The Huffington Post about the 7 ways books can change your life. The author lists belonging, empathy, humility, self-knowledge, confidence, presence and joy.

As an avid reader since childhood, I have experienced all of those benefits as well as the following: learning, connection, insight, peace of mind, motivation, inspiration, comfort, therapy and healing.

Through books I have been transported to new places and exposed to new experiences. Books have given me the words to express things I’ve felt for a long time but could not articulate. Books have assured me that I was not alone no matter what I was going through. These are just a few examples.

Books are also a powerful way to bond with others, especially children. Many studies have shown the positive effects of reading to children from the earliest ages.

High profile celebrities like Oprah have helped popularize the notion that reading is “cool” and not nerdy. During the past few years, the number of book clubs and reading groups have exploded as more people discover the benefits and rewards of shared reading.

The transformative power of books is undeniable, and I believe the right book at the right time can change your life.

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